Chartered Accountant in Public Practice – my ethical choice

I am often asked … what is a Chartered Accountant? Why do I choose to be one and what it means for my clients? And why do I bother with all these qualifications and continuing education?

The formal description from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia website is:

“A Chartered Accountant has not only acquired the most highly-regarded professional qualification one can achieve in the industry, but they have a discerning educational background that will forever set them apart.
With a post-graduate qualification that blends training with practical experience, a Chartered Accountant will start their career with a distinct advantage”.

But how do I see myself? I see myself as a qualified and professional accountant who is a member of a professional body which encourages me to continually learn and develop to ensure my clients get the best service and knowledge possible.

Ethical Standards

I like the fact that being bound by the ICAA regulatory framework means I am bound by ethical standards, which resonate with who I am, both in practice and as a person.

Any Chartered Accountant wishing to practice in business is also required to hold a Certificate of Public Practice. Why? This is to ensure we can build the best accounting practice and comply with standards to ensure the level of service we provide to all clients is of the quality expected from our profession.

Registered Agent

Anyone lodging a Business Activity Statement for their clients and wishes to charge a fee for that service also needs to be either a registered BAS Agent or a Registered Tax Agent.

Today I was asked “why do I bother – just don’t tell anyone”. To me, this kind of belief in dodging the system goes against 14 years of education, training, beliefs and professional behavior instilled in me by an organization that I am proud to be a member of.

High Level Of Service

I am proud to have worked hard to get where I am today, and I believe that the level of service provided by me from gaining my qualifications, certificates, diplomas and ongoing education is worth all the hard work.

You can read more information at the Institute of Chartered Accountants website:

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