Dear JB Hi-Fi – you are not accountants…don’t try to be

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Dear Mr JB Hi-Fi

Firstly, congrats on a great range of laptops in your Airport West store. You see, this week my laptop decided to go to laptop heaven. So, in a mad Friday 3pm dash I did the rounds of technology shops.

To be honest, I really don’t understand computer specifications, so I need to ask for advice and get help (and try not to get ripped off at the same time).

You were the second cab off the rank, and armed with second hand knowledge (thanks to my IT geek friend), I thought I knew what I wanted.  But second opinions never hurt.  So I asked the sales assistant to give me some advice.

He was in training, so a more senior sales assistant jumped in and said before we look at computers, if you are going to use it for business then leasing is a better option for you.

“I kindly said no thanks, I know my budget and I know what I can afford so I would rather buy it outright (as an accountant I never shop for anything without a budget).”

However, the sneaky senior sales assistant was good – determined to prove me wrong (little did he know who he was dealing with) he marched me over to his computer and bought up the screen about leasing.

He input my budget (a measly $900 but I know my limits and that was it), and told me from a tax point of view I would be far better off with a 12 month lease.

Well now he had my attention – and not for a good reason.

You see, his theory was based around the lease costing me $1200 (for a $900 product) so he assumed I would want a bigger tax deduction even if it meant spending an extra $300 for no reason.

“I am all for getting tax deductions, but let me tell you this – spending extra money for no benefit is never a good strategy.”

What he didn’t realise was that if I wanted a $1200 tax deduction I would buy the $900 computer outright and pay myself an extra wage of $300. Same tax deduction but this way I actually get money in my pocket.

“So here is my tip Mr JB Hi-Fi – stick with what you know – technology.

Leave the numbers to me.”

So I am sorry to say, I walked away empty handed and with a really crappy sales experience etched in my memory (but boy did the junior sales assistant know his computer specs – now I would have bought from him in an instant).

You lost me trying to be someone you are not. There is a reason you are not called JB Accounting.

You also lost me by telling me I am better off by spending more.

A bigger tax deduction is only better when you have a thorough tax strategy and are spending money in the right direction.

Yours sincerely – Stacey (and yes I still need a bloody laptop!)

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