What to do if you get audited by the ATO

No business owner looks forward to receiving a letter from the ATO requesting a closer look at the books.  An audit often makes people curl up in the foetal position, it invokes fear, stress, anxiety.  And the audit hasn’t even started yet. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones (*subjective view) that receive an ATO audit letter – don’t panic. It is time to prepare, get organised and…  Read more

To GST or not GST ….that is the question?

“GST – sure you can google it, but is the answer accurate and are you even asking the right question?” You see, in all my 17 year of working in accounting and finance I think I have seen every mistake or error under the sun, so nothing surprises me too much anymore. However it is since the introduction of GST in 2000 that I have seen some real doozies. Sometimes…  Read more

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