Happy EOFY: Do you have a Business Plan for the year ahead

Happy EOFY.  Time to relax right? Wrong – this is the best time to review your business plan for the new financial year ahead.  Yep, thats right, no rest for the wicked. Here are some of our tips to make the your business plan process more productive (or should I say, actually useful). Don’t fly solo – get your team involved Business planning works best when it’s a team effort.…  Read more

Community Comes Before Competition (well it should)

I am a big believer that whilst I run my small business, community comes before competition. Relationships come before profit. And happiness comes before growth. Yes, I have over 100,000 competitors in the accounting & bookkeeping space in Australia alone – but I see those people as my mentors, my rocks, my shoulders to cry on, my support network to learn from and my community first and foremost. “Call me…  Read more

Why that “tax deduction” could be useless to you

The closer we get to 30 June and End of Financial Year – the more times I see the phrase “Buy now, so you can get a tax deduction this financial year”. I truly wonder how many unsuspecting business owners get sucked into this sales tactic – when they don’t even know or understand their tax position in the first place. “You see, a tax deduction is not the same…  Read more

It’s time to upskill (or risk the consequences)

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a mumpreneuer, the next Zuckerberg or a combination of all of these – you need to constantly upskill or fear getting left behind.  Or worse – get a knock on the door from the tax office because you have failed in some kind of business obligation that you had no idea about. And I am not just talking about…  Read more

Best time to write a blog post: Whenever the f$%k you like

I know, all the digital marketers, google analytics lovers and SEO guru’s are going to hate me. However my thoughts on blogging is the blog and the information shared needs to be useful, meaningful, relatable and not just the word accountant written 527 different ways just to cover yourself in SEO glory. “Timing is not everything when it comes to blog posts.” Sure, I think SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is…  Read more

Cyber Crime: How to keep customer data safe

Cyber crime is a serious concern for business owners in this modern digital age. Hackers are good.  Really good.  So how do you stay one step ahead? Recently IBM Chair, CEO, and President, Ginni Rometty, called it “the greatest threat to every company in the world”. According to Juniper Research, by 2019 cyber crime will cost businesses a staggering $2 trillion. $2 trillion – WOW. Personally, we think it is impossible…  Read more

I am not over qualified, I am qualified

I have many qualifications – not because I love studying, but because I love what I do. I am a numbers nerd through and through. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Member in Practice, a member of the Institute of Public Accountants, a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, I have an accounting degree and I have worked in the accounting space since I was 20 (so for…  Read more

How social media can damage your brand reputation in minutes

So you run an amazing business, you are growing your brand, you are starting to get amazing customers, you have loyal staff, you are known in your industry, things are bloody fantastic – and then you go and ruin it by posting a dubious question on social media. What the heck am I talking about? How can a flippant question or comment, posted innocently in a Facebook group possibly damage…  Read more

Mummy I just want to spend time with you (how to break an entrepreneurs heart)

The honest truth about working parents – is that we don’t always get it right. We think we are getting it right, we think we are building the best future for our family….until our child mutters the words “But Mum, I just want to spend time with you” and a little piece of your heart breaks off and shatters into pieces on the floor. As a mother, and entrepreneur and…  Read more

I hate my business and I want out (dilemma’s of an entrepreneur)

I am writing this on behalf of every entrepreneur, every small business owner, every hustling parent – pretty much everyone busting their gut for the own business. I know deep down, you have also had days where you want out of your business. You want less stress, less hours, less hectic-ness, less fights with your partner, more happy times with your family, less constant struggles with balance and you want…  Read more

Should you outsource work to offshore workers?

The rise of the global workforce and the choice to offshore: the debate will not go away, so it is time to be educated and assess if you should hire/outsource parts of your business offshore. If you’re wondering whether it’s worthwhile to hire overseas workers and offshore part of your business for virtual admin support or other business services, cost considerations alone can make the prospect quite attractive. Before you…  Read more

The Future of a Retail Store: Boom or Bust?

As we wake up to another Fashion Brand going into administration, the question needs to be asked: What is the Future of the Retail store? Is it possible that a physical retail store will exist in 20 years time? Or is a profitable shop front a thing of the past? Smart Company have just released today news of David Lawrence going into voluntary administration, and in the past twelve months it…  Read more

Entrepreneurs need manners too #bringmannersback

Running a business, no matter how busy you are, does not give you the right to “mis-place” your manners. Common courtesy and respect seem to be not so common these days with the busy entrepreneur expecting, or perhaps it could even be classed as demanding, answers at the drop of a hat (and usually for free). So lets rewind a little bit and get old school for a minute. Do…  Read more

Constructive Criticism or Raving Fan

Customer Service is not something you set up when you start your business and then you forget about it. It is not programs and processes that you implement and you kick back and relax, simply because you assume your process is working. Recently we had a potential client contact us before Christmas and sadly the contact form on our website was not working. Cue customer service fail.  So their first…  Read more

What accounting system is right for you?

There is so much choice when it comes to accounting software. So how do you choose the right one? How do you choose the accounting system for your business – the one you really need. So not the one everyone tells you that you need – but the accounting system which is the right fit for YOUR business? We face this question with every new client we see. Not to…  Read more

You have a 20cm blood clot – (lessons from a horrible boss)

Coming up to 8 years ago I was faced with a health scare – 6 weeks pregnant (first time mum – I should have been so excited), I had developed a 20 cm blood clot in my lower leg, I was in agony, I had a job I loved – and I was told I was unable to reduce my hours to part time, as my condition didn’t warrant it.…  Read more

How to get value from your Accountant

We see posts all the time asking “How do I choose an accountant?” or even worse “My accountant is ripping me off, who can you recommend?”. I can’t stress enough that any service provider, whether it is an accountant or anyone else, needs to be offering you value. What you need to firstly understand is that there are various types of accountants. If you are looking to get a tax…  Read more

Qualified help is not free – Google is free and we all know where that leads

I know when you start a business finances are tight and every cent is watched like a hawk but if I had a dollar for every time I heard a startup say “I couldn’t afford an accountant so I just googled the answer…but I think I have stuffed it up…can you fix it” – well let’s just say I wouldn’t be sitting here at 9:05pm writing this blog post from…  Read more

What your tax invoice says about your business

I know you are not an accountant, I know numbers are not your thing, I know tax invoices are not the most exciting topic, but sending out invalid invoices says a lot about your business – and it is not all good news. “I know I shouldn’t judge, but I hustle just as hard as the next entrepreneur, I work 60+ hours per week, have two kids, pay my taxes,…  Read more

Why I am going on a blind date…with my employee

OK. Now before you get all grossed out and start gagging at the thought of a boss dating her employee, let me put this in context. I have an employee, I love her, she is amazing, she has worked with me for 3 months, I have never met her and I am taking her to lunch tomorrow and meeting her for the first time. It is like getting ready for…  Read more

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