Why an average bookkeeper is a liability (and costing you your sanity)

With end of financial year fast approaching, we see many clients come to us “for a quick and simple review” of their numbers. I mean, they currently use a bookkeeper and whilst the business owner doesn’t keep on top of things in great detail, it all must be perfect right? In an ideal world yes, but I think we all know we live in anything but an ideal world. Most…  Read more

I made a mistake: I am human but I am not a failure

Contrary to popular belief – I don’t have ESP, I am not Wonder Woman, I do not have a magic wand and I don’t have super powers. I make mistakes. I am human. But I am not a failure. Recently, in the craziness that was end of financial year, BAS season, putting our house on the market and generally trying to be all things to all people, I made the…  Read more

Happy EOFY: Do you have a Business Plan for the year ahead

Happy EOFY.  Time to relax right? Wrong – this is the best time to review your business plan for the new financial year ahead.  Yep, thats right, no rest for the wicked. Here are some of our tips to make the your business plan process more productive (or should I say, actually useful). Don’t fly solo – get your team involved Business planning works best when it’s a team effort.…  Read more

Why that “tax deduction” could be useless to you

The closer we get to 30 June and End of Financial Year – the more times I see the phrase “Buy now, so you can get a tax deduction this financial year”. I truly wonder how many unsuspecting business owners get sucked into this sales tactic – when they don’t even know or understand their tax position in the first place. “You see, a tax deduction is not the same…  Read more

EOFY Payroll is not for the faint hearted

EOFY Payroll is easy right – I mean your accounting software does it for you so what have you got to worry about? A few clicks of a button and payment summaries are issued to staff.  Done, feet up and champagne cracked open.  But wait…. “If you don’t understand payroll and accounting terminology chances are your payroll is incorrect – FACT.” I know what you are thinking….my accounting data file…  Read more

How to avoid ending the financial year in a frazzle

As an Accountant, Financial Coach and Cloud Accounting Guru to start-ups and entrepreneurs, I often see clients come to me after 30th June filled with stress, anxiety, fear and embarrassment. “It doesn’t need to be this way.” So, instead of heading into the end of financial year in a frazzle, follow our simple checklist to being organised. It will make the tax return process so much smoother and easier, and dare…  Read more

Why your business needs a festive season financial health check

Who needs a Festive Season Financial Health Check?? Personal finances are typically top of mind for people during the festive season. Christmas is often linked to a rise in household debt and “spend less, save more” is usually among the top three resolutions made (and broken) each year. Business finances, however, rarely get a look in. Business owners generally don’t reflect on their business’s performance or financial health until the…  Read more

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