Preparing for the end of JobKeeper

Since the government announced the $70-billion JobKeeper program to support businesses and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, many small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations heavily relied on this scheme to stay afloat. According to a recent survey by the Australian Institute of Company Directors on the impact of COVID-19, over 40% of the respondents reported reliance on JobKeeper payments. 47% of SMEs indicated that the JobKeeper Scheme had…  Read more

JobKeeper changes coming in September

The government has announced changes to the JobKeeper scheme. The Treasury’s review found that the subsidy was still “needed” but required a “test to ensure that JobKeeper is well targeted”. Be prepared This means there will be changes to your current situation and your entitlements will be affected. The details of the changes are being announced now and we will ensure our clients are fully informed as to how this…  Read more

JobKeeper Myths Busted by a Qualified Professional

Coming up to the second round of JobKeeper reporting and we are still so bloody shocked by the amount of crap information being thrown around in relation to who is eligible for this funding. And more importantly, why are people not qualified to give this advice so happy to throw around these “JobKeeper Myths” like confetti?? Let me bust some of the crap information and myths around JobKeeper that people…  Read more

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