How Listening Can Lead To Loyalty

When was the last time you really listened to your clients, your customers, your suppliers, your contractors, your employees – and actually gave them what they really wanted? Now of course everything within reason – I mean I would like a million dollars, a holiday to the Bahamas and also a house that cleans itself. “But every day, it is often the simple things people do that wins my loyalty…  Read more

It’s time to upskill (or risk the consequences)

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a mumpreneuer, the next Zuckerberg or a combination of all of these – you need to constantly upskill or fear getting left behind.  Or worse – get a knock on the door from the tax office because you have failed in some kind of business obligation that you had no idea about. And I am not just talking about…  Read more

Don’t judge an accountant by her football team

Not all accountants are the same. We don’t all want to do the same things, we are not all extroverts (surprise surprise), and we don’t all love big accounting conferences and sitting down with people that we don’t know (even if they are in the same industry). Some of us even have a life outside the accounting space, and love, (dare I say it), AFL. So, yes, while I am going…  Read more

I don’t have mothers guilt, and I am a better person for it

Isn’t it funny how we automatically assume a successful woman in business who is also a mum MUST have “mothers guilt” for working hard and assume they are missing out on quality time with their children. Recently I attended an event run by BSchool in Melbourne where the speaker was Carolyn Creswell from Carmen’s Muesli fame.  I have always wanted to hear Carolyn speak – but our diaries never seemed to align…  Read more

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