2016 Budget – whats in it for you?

The 2016 Budget creates hype, excitement and a mad rush of spending…..but first lets make sure the rules actually apply to you. Last night the treasurer delivered his 2016 Budget and naturally, economists, accountants, business owners and politicians are all in a tizz (me included). But first things first, let’s break it down and take a look at the important announcements and how they may (notice I say may) relate…  Read more

I don’t have mothers guilt, and I am a better person for it

Isn’t it funny how we automatically assume a successful woman in business who is also a mum MUST have “mothers guilt” for working hard and assume they are missing out on quality time with their children. Recently I attended an event run by BSchool in Melbourne where the speaker was Carolyn Creswell from Carmen’s Muesli fame.  I have always wanted to hear Carolyn speak – but our diaries never seemed to align…  Read more

Don’t treat your customers like idiots (especially if you want to grow your business)

When customers buy from you, please don’t treat them like an idiot. Customers and fans are the future of your business. This week I was researching business products that I could purchase to then give to my clients at end of financial year.  You see, as an accountant, EOFY is kind of a happy time for us -we tend to celebrate 30th June like it is Christmas. I found some…  Read more

It is OK to be a “different” accountant – own it!

Stacey Price accountant Today in a Facebook group I am part of, we were asked if we were to go back to Day 1 of running your business what advice would you give yourself? “And it got me thinking – what would I tell myself – now that I know I am not a “traditional” accountant?” I mean, when I started my business it all kind of happened overnight.  I…  Read more

Stop the contradictions on outsourcing

Earlier this week I got into a bit of a “bun fight” within a Facebook group as I tried to show people how their contradictions about outsourcing effects small business in Australia. Sadly it was clear I was in a minority – but that doesn’t mean I will change my views.  Sadly I also think people will learn the hard way – costing them time and stress. Yes, the age…  Read more

How to spot a rogue accountant

You don’t want a rogue accountant on your team…you want someone you can trust – with knowledge, experience and a lot of credible advice and care. Here is something I wrote which was published on Smart Company earlier this month…no Rogue Accountants at Healthy Business Finances. For original article, click here. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the benefits of leveraging outsourcing to scale their business. Smart business owners…  Read more

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity

“Don’t get caught up in your own business so much that you miss out on a great opportunity”. This past weekend was crazy time for my business – Business Activity Statement deadline with the ATO and only one month shy of launching my new membership based business assisting startups and entrepreneurs with financial education and training (FEAT group if you want to take a peak – just a landing page – but…  Read more

Dear JB Hi-Fi – you are not accountants…don’t try to be

Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay Dear Mr JB Hi-Fi Firstly, congrats on a great range of laptops in your Airport West store. You see, this week my laptop decided to go to laptop heaven. So, in a mad Friday 3pm dash I did the rounds of technology shops. To be honest, I really don’t understand computer specifications, so I need to ask for advice and get help (and try not to get…  Read more

How inaccurate job costing can bleed your business dry

When you work in a service based industry, part of your life becomes focused on what you have quoted for a job and what it actually costs you. Well, let me rephrase that – it should be focused on that.  Fixed prices, monthly packages, paid upfront, deposits collected or a combination of all of these – if you are not accurately looking at and recording costs per job, you business could…  Read more

What the Essendon saga teaches me about future proofing my business

Those who know me, know that I love my footy.   I grew up in the country and watching football on tv on a weekend was a family pass time.  Today is a sad day in AFL – and one that has a huge impact on Essendon (and its supporters) not only today but for years to come. THIRTY four past and present Essendon players have been found guilty of doping…  Read more

You don’t have to love numbers….but you should understand them

As a business owner – you have an obligation – part of that obligation is understanding what your numbers tell you.  You need to understand cash flow to pay your suppliers and the ATO.  Ignorance is not an excuse. I know what you are thinking….it is that harsh Stacey again throwing around her comments about numbers and ATO – blah blah blah.  Well yes – it is me. As soon…  Read more

A bookkeeper, BAS Agent and Accountant walked into a bar…

Just kidding – numbers nerds don’t have a life! So what is the difference is between a Bookkeeper, a BAS Agent and an Accountant?  And who do you need in your business?  They all serve a purpose – but a different purpose. Sometimes we all just get lumped together in the “numbers nerds” pile – however I am here to tell you that what each of these roles can legally do…  Read more

Cold Calling tips: Sometimes you have to give to receive

People seem to forget that business is a two way street. Yes, you might have a wonderful product or service to offer, but you shouldn’t be throwing that at every person that walks past.  You need to work out if that person needs your product or service.  This should involve communication – and not of the spam variety. So often lately I have been receiving what can only be described…  Read more

To GST or not GST ….that is the question?

“GST – sure you can google it, but is the answer accurate and are you even asking the right question?” You see, in all my 17 year of working in accounting and finance I think I have seen every mistake or error under the sun, so nothing surprises me too much anymore. However it is since the introduction of GST in 2000 that I have seen some real doozies. Sometimes…  Read more

What to do when faced with redundancy?

Scream, cry, sulk, get angry, question your ability, feel worthless, feel embarrassed…embrace it and move on. I have been faced with redundancy not once but twice. Both times I was on maternity leave – yet both experiences were vastly different. Whilst neither of the situations was planned (in fact they both knocked me for a six) my approach was different – and I have lived to tell the tale.  And…  Read more

5 Superhero’s you NEED in your business life (secretary is not one of mine)

Where is your secretary?  I don’t have one. I received a phone call yesterday from a new potential client and her first response to me was “I am shocked you answered the phone – I just assumed you would have a secretary”. Whilst I tried to keep a straight face (although on the phone this was a bit easier) it made me realise there are so many people in my…  Read more

Watch out world, there is a new breed of accountant in town

For such a long period of time, the accountant was the guy you went to visit once a year.  They sat in a corner office in some high rise Collins Street address, the receptionist would usher you into an office with an immaculate view, they would waltz in and ask you how you are and what have been up to for the past 12 months, you would hand them over…  Read more

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