Why Crying on the Beach is good for the soul

Yesterday I met an inspirational man. Michael Crossland. Someone I had never heard of until I googled him the night before attending MYOB Partner Connect Conference. Accountants are not supposed to have emotions – but let me tell you why I spent time on the beach crying after listening to his key note speech. During the day – I was learning, networking, seeking advice, making connections, seeing developments in the…  Read more

Business travel tips from a (*non) expert

I am not a travel operator. I am not a travel guide. I don’t even travel that often. But seriously, how hard it is to show some common sense and respect when travelling? Clearly much harder than I thought. So the past month has seen me “get around a bit” as I sleep my way around Queensland attending accounting/bookkeeping software conferences. Next up is MYOB Partner Connect conference starting tomorrow…  Read more

Sun, Sea and Learning – The Importance of Investing in training and development

Why do I invest so much in training, education & development? This month alone I have two conferences which are interstate that I will be attending. And when I say I am going to the Gold Coast to attend the MYOB Partner Conference, people say to me, “Oh, you are just going for a holiday!” And I know they are only saying that in jest (well I think they are),…  Read more

Don’t judge an accountant by her football team

Not all accountants are the same. We don’t all want to do the same things, we are not all extroverts (surprise surprise), and we don’t all love big accounting conferences and sitting down with people that we don’t know (even if they are in the same industry). Some of us even have a life outside the accounting space, and love, (dare I say it), AFL. So, yes, while I am going…  Read more

Business exhaustion is not a measure of Success

Your level of exhaustion should not be used to measure your level of success. So many business owners I speak to – whether that be on social media or in person, tell me that they are just so exhausted.  Their business is consuming every waking minute, and even those minutes where you should be sleeping you are instead running all your business scenarios through your head.  It never ends. I…  Read more

EOFY Payroll is not for the faint hearted

EOFY Payroll is easy right – I mean your accounting software does it for you so what have you got to worry about? A few clicks of a button and payment summaries are issued to staff.  Done, feet up and champagne cracked open.  But wait…. “If you don’t understand payroll and accounting terminology chances are your payroll is incorrect – FACT.” I know what you are thinking….my accounting data file…  Read more

I don’t have mothers guilt, and I am a better person for it

Isn’t it funny how we automatically assume a successful woman in business who is also a mum MUST have “mothers guilt” for working hard and assume they are missing out on quality time with their children. Recently I attended an event run by BSchool in Melbourne where the speaker was Carolyn Creswell from Carmen’s Muesli fame.  I have always wanted to hear Carolyn speak – but our diaries never seemed to align…  Read more

Don’t treat your customers like idiots (especially if you want to grow your business)

When customers buy from you, please don’t treat them like an idiot. Customers and fans are the future of your business. This week I was researching business products that I could purchase to then give to my clients at end of financial year.  You see, as an accountant, EOFY is kind of a happy time for us -we tend to celebrate 30th June like it is Christmas. I found some…  Read more

It is OK to be a “different” accountant – own it!

Stacey Price accountant Today in a Facebook group I am part of, we were asked if we were to go back to Day 1 of running your business what advice would you give yourself? “And it got me thinking – what would I tell myself – now that I know I am not a “traditional” accountant?” I mean, when I started my business it all kind of happened overnight.  I…  Read more

Creative Accounting v A Creative Accountant

I believe we all learn in different ways. I also believe that we all recall information in different ways. Now on one hand I am very “bog standard” accountant – I love numbers, I love a good spreadsheet, I love old fashioned pen and paper and I love adding stuff up on my (one of many) calculators. However I am also non traditional in many ways. I don’t wear a…  Read more

You don’t have to love numbers….but you should understand them

As a business owner – you have an obligation – part of that obligation is understanding what your numbers tell you.  You need to understand cash flow to pay your suppliers and the ATO.  Ignorance is not an excuse. I know what you are thinking….it is that harsh Stacey again throwing around her comments about numbers and ATO – blah blah blah.  Well yes – it is me. As soon…  Read more

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