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I’m a Xero Certified Advisor – take advantage of me now !

Xero is a cloud based accounting program but what is it – and how can it make your business more efficient?

As a bookkeeper and accountant it is my duty to make myself familiar with the latest and greatest software for business.

One of my current favourites is Xero. Over the past few months I have done countless hours of training via online webinars and videos so that I could sit my Xero Certified Advisor Test. And I am proud to say that last month I sat that test – and passed!! I can’t wait to help more clients understand the benefits of cloud based accounting programs and to show how it will help to streamline business.

My Thoughts On Xero

So what do I truly think about Xero? I think that Xero is a great cloud based program and I feel that it is one of the easiest accounting programs to use for non-finance people. So, small business owners; this could be the answer you’re looking for. You can access the program from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop) providing you have internet access.

No Software Updates

You don’t have to install any updates; the Xero team does this behind the scenes. So you are always guaranteed to have the most up-to-date version of the product. I have never had any issues with the Xero server being down or slow or inaccessible, and with numerous clients this is of utmost importance to me.

You can have multiple screens open at once and a simple F5 refreshes for any changes made. You can have bank feeds directly linked to Xero. So Xero downloads your bank transactions directly into the program to make entering and reconciling the bank a much simpler task. And Xero “talks” to various other “add-on” providers which your business might already be using.

Access Xero Almost Anywhere

More importantly, Xero works with you almost everywhere and you can choose who can and can’t access the program. For example, a personal trainer could do a boot camp session in the park with 5 clients. The session finishes, the personal trainer hops in the car, turns on the iPad or tablet, logs into Xero, and before the clients have arrived home their invoice will be waiting for them in their inbox!

Simulataneous Data Access

Similarly – you can give access to the data file to your bookkeeper and accountant, and you can all be in the data file at the same time (at different locations) and you will all have instant access to any changes made. So there is no need to save copies of the data file onto USB and wait around twiddling your thumbs until you get the data file back to keep working.

A Big Time-Saver

Xero is a great choice for accounting software – do I love it 100% – No. But then again I don’t love any accounting package 100%. But I feel that Xero goes a long way to satisfy most small business owners’ needs. With three price ranges, most small business owners go with the “medium” package which is $49 per month. Rather than look at that fee as an unnecessary expense, think of how much time, effort and stress that one small fee could now save your business.

If you have any questions about Xero, or wish to discuss if it is right for your business needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me to get more information.